Technical and Vocational Education

The technical and vocational education study program strives to achieve high standards of excellence in all aspects, including a curriculum that is relevant to the scientific development of technology and vocational education globally, high quality teaching by integrating technology, innovative research, obtaining high impact factors, and collaboration with educational institutions and industry in the ASEAN region.

Technical and Vocational Education

Even Semester TVE S2 / S3 Student Admission Has Opened

Technical and Vocational Education.



The master’s degree of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) study program (S2) was established on 8 June 2005 based on the letter No. 3040/J33/PP.03.02/2005. The study program was then accredited by the national board of accreditation (BAN-PT) and got an A in accordance with the letter no. 5197/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/XII/2017.


The doctoral degree (S3) study program of Technical and Vocational Education was established on 15 August 2018 with a decree number 4350/UN40/HK/2014. As the study program runs, it was accredited “UNGGUL” by LAMDIK with a decree number 929/SK/LAMDIK/Ak/D/IX/2023.

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