New Students Admision

New Student Admissions (PMB) are administered online by accessing the website or

Academic Requirements

  1. Holding a Sarjana (S1) degree or equivalent from an accredited study program and/or university with a GPA of at least 2.75 within the scale of 0.00 to 4.00 or otherwise deemed equivalent; and holding a Master’s (S2) degree or equivalent from an accredited study program and/or university with a GPA of at least 3.00 within the scale of 0.00-4.00 or deemed equivalent. A diploma from an overseas university should be certified as equivalent by Kemenristek Dikti;
  2. Having a linear educational background for a particular study program and for those who will take the doctoral degree program by research (doctor by research);
  3. Have to pass the entrance test organized by SPs.


Administrative Requirements

Filling out the registration form by attaching:

  1. The latest diploma and academic transcripts (the S3 program requires copies of the S1 and S2 diploma and transcript) that have been legalized;
  2. Statement of assignment/permission from employer;
  3. Research plan to be undertaken (for S3 only);
  4. 2 (two) pieces of size 4 x 6 color photographs;
  5. Academic recommendation letters from two lecturers.

Selection Test Materials:

  1. Academic Aptitude Test (120 minutes);
  2. English Test (90 minutes)
  3. Special test material related to the field of the study program (for certain study programs with such requireent);

Interview: Speciial for the S2 English Education, Japanese Language Education, French Language Education, Arabic Language Education and Art Education Study Programs.

Study Programmes Organised

SPs UPI organises education for Masters (S2) and Applied Masters as well as Doctoral (S3) and Applied Doctoral Programmes. The Doctoral Programme is conducted by course work and research.

Currently, SPs UPI organises the following study programmes. (See Guide above)


Registration and entrance selection fee:

  1. Master’s programme (S2) Rp. 750,000,-
  2. Doctoral programme (S3) IDR. 850.000,-


  1. Academic Requirements
    • Bachelor’s degree (S1) or its equivalent from an accredited study programme and/or university with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 in the assessment range of 0.00-4.00 or its equivalent; and Master’s degree (S2) or its equivalent from an accredited study programme and/or university with a GPA of at least 3.00 in the assessment range of 0.00-4.00 or its equivalent. Diplomas from overseas universities must be equalised by Kemenristek DIKTI for Masters and Doctoral Programmes.
    • Educational background in the field for those who will follow the doctoral programme education pathway (doctor by research). Technical guidelines can be accessed on the website
    • Pass the entrance selection organised by SPs.
  2. Administrative Requirements
    Fill out the registration form with attached:
    • Diplomas and Transcripts of the last education. (for S3 photocopies of certificates and transcripts S1 and S2) that have been legalised.
    • Statement of assignment / permission from superiors at work.
    • Research plan that will be carried out (only for S3)
    • Coloured photo pass size 4×6

Please download the recommendation letter template file


Provisions on English Mastery

In order to improve the competitiveness and quality of graduates, it is required that each student has proficiency in one of the official languages of the United Nations, as evidenced by the results of a standardised test. Specifically for English language proficiency, the following minimum scores are required.

Education ProgrammeMinimum score that must be achieved
Magister (S2)40500*5.5
Doktor (S3)45 45525*6,0
Pend. B. Inggris 550*6.5
  •  * or its equivalence according to the standard used
  • * can be fulfilled while attending lectures.

Registration Payment Procedure

Payment numbers can be obtained and printed after filling out the Postgraduate Registration Form

Payment via BNI ATM

  • Enter the appropriate ATM/Debit card and PIN
  • Select Payment Menu > University > Student Payment Centre > Enter the code of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (8057) followed by the bill number.
  • Check the confirmation details on the ATM screen, if it is correct > Continue > Transaction Complete.
  • Save the proof of payment.

Payment via BNI Internet Banking

  • Access BNI Internet Banking with address or via BNI web at
  • Click Internet Banking Personal.
  • Input User ID, Password, and Character Code then login.
  • Choose Transaction menu > Payment > Bill Payment > Tuition Fee
  • Fill in the column Service Type – Payment > Higher Education – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia > Bill Number > Debit Account: Fill in the account number that will be debited for payment. Click Continue.
  • Check the Confirmation Details that appear. If it is correct, activate BNI e-secure.
  • Input BNI e-secure PIN, Press – 2, input 8 digit number shown on BNI Internet Banking application to BNI e-secure.
  • Input the 8 digit response from BNI e-secure again in the BNI e-secure Response column in BNI Internet Banking, then Click Pay.
  • Then save the proof of payment by selecting the file format to be printed/saved.

Payment via BNI Mobile Banking

  • Input User ID, Mpin and login.
  • Choose menu Payment > Tuition Fee > Choose Service Type > Payment > Institution – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia > input Bill Number.
  • Check the Confirmation Detail that appears, if it is correct enter the Transaction Password.
  • Save the proof of payment.

Payment through BNI teller

  • Students visit BNI branch offices throughout Indonesia, go to the Teller officer.
  • Students mention the Bill Number and hand it over to the Teller officer.
  • The Teller officer enters the Bill Number in the BNI application, and if the Bill Number is correct, a bill will appear, then the officer states the amount of student tuition fees.
  • The student deposits the tuition fee to the Teller officer.
  • The Teller Officer receives the money, prints the proof of payment and hands it to the student.
  • Mahasiswa menerima bukti pembayaran.


Flow of Mobile Banking Registration & Activation

  1. Download BNI Mobile Banking application on App Store or Google Play.
  2. Choose registration.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Validate Customer Data by inputting personal data (mandatory), which must be the same as CIF or account data in the available fields and create a new User ID.
  5. fields and create a new User ID.
  6. Input the Registration Code sent to email.
  7. “Registration Successful” information, click Next to enter the page.
  8. Activation page
  9. Activate ID then request OTP Code
  10. Input the OTP Code received from SMS to the number that has been
  11. Create MPIN and Transaction Password.
  12. Notification of successful activation.
  13. Successful activation of mobile banking.

If you have made a payment, the data will appear in the Payment – Payment History menu.


Implementation of Selection Test

  1. The test material consists of: Academic Potential Test (120 minutes), and English Language Test (90 minutes).
  2. Special materials in accordance with the scientific field of the study programme concerned (for study programmes that require it).
  3. Interview: S2 Special Study Programmes for English, Japanese, French and Arabic Education; S3 All Study Programmes.
  4. At the test, participants bring a 2B pencil and equipment.
  5. The Selection Test is held at the SPs UPI Building.
  6. If in a place, applicants reach a certain number (minimum 15 participants or an agreed amount), SPs UPI is willing to come to carry out the test at that place based on the request. Travel, accommodation, and organising costs are borne by the test taker or applicant.

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